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DiPhyx CLI provides you with endless possibilities to have fast and full control on your resources on DiPhyx. By downloading DiPhyx CLI in your PC, you’re ready to use your own resources for running any software you need.

# Linux
wget -q https://diphyx-public-b36f3ed2-377c-4191-9b9c-05ea9aee9d91.s3.amazonaws.com/cli/linux.sh
chmod +x linux.sh
sh linux.sh
# Mac
wget -q https://diphyx-public-b36f3ed2-377c-4191-9b9c-05ea9aee9d91.s3.amazonaws.com/cli/darwin.sh
chmod +x darwin.sh
sh darwin.sh
# Windows
wget -q https://diphyx-public-b36f3ed2-377c-4191-9b9c-05ea9aee9d91.s3.amazonaws.com/cli/diphyx_install.bat
start "" /D diphyx_install.bat


Establish a secure connection between DiPhyx and your computer, allowing for seamless interaction and efficient command execution. This means that only one command will get you started with a vast range of software to use.

# Login to the DiPhyx platform
diphyx login --email YOUR_EMAIL --password YOUR_PASSWORD
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