Easy Navigation

Designed to place every essential feature at your fingertips. Dive into an intuitive interface where simplicity meets sophistication, allowing you to access all main sections and capabilities effortlessly from one centralized location.

  • Fast and seamless
  • Intuitive access to core sections
  • Personalized navigation experience

Compute Resource Management

Managing compute-units and resources can be challenging. Designed for versatility, DiPhyx Dashboard enables you to seamlessly manage resources across your preferred cloud providers, all from a single, intuitive interface.

  • Effortless cloud-agnostic management
  • Access the projects and jobs of the compute-units from the menu
  • Leverage distributed computing on DiPhyx

Storage Management

Our dashboard empowers you to oversee storage allocations across every compute unit and resource, including seamless integration with AWS S3, Azure Storage and GCP Storage and other storage solutions.

  • All-in-One Storage Access
  • Upload and download files securely in the cloud
  • Comprehensive File Management

Software Packages

Designed to streamline your workflow, our dashboard simplifies the process of selecting and running the software/model tools crucial for your projects, leveraging the resources you have at hand for immediate application.

  • Effortless run of a software/model
  • Broad range of software, models & tools
  • Develop, publish and run your own software
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