dxflow Down

The diphyx dxflow down command is used to gracefully shut down the running dxflow services. This command supports several options that allow for controlled shutdown procedures.

> diphyx dxflow down --help

  diphyx dxflow down [flags]

      --no-strict                skip strict mode
      --terminate-compute-unit   terminates an existing DiPhyx compute unit
  -h, --help                     help for down

Global Flags:
      --no-color   disable color output

Here is the detailed description of the flags:

  • --no-strict: Forces the shutdown of dxflow services without entering strict mode. This option is useful in environments where a graceful shutdown may fail or hang due to pending tasks that are safe to interrupt.
  • --terminate-compute-unit: Using this flag send a signla to diphyx orchestrator that the compute-unit is being shut-down and it will not show it on our diphyx dashboard. If you don't use this flag, although, the compute-unit was shut-down, however, it is still being shown in the diphyx dashboard.


diphyx dxflow down --terminate-compute-unit
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