Basic Definitions


A Compute-Unit refers to a reserved cluster that users can allocate on their preferred cloud platform, eliminating the need for self-hosted resources. This unit serves as the backbone for executing various computational tasks within the DiPhyx environment, providing scalable and efficient computational power on demand.


A Project in DiPhyx is a collection of one or more software tools or containers configured to work together to accomplish specific scientific computing tasks. Projects can encapsulate a wide range of applications, from data analysis pipelines to complex simulation environments. For instructions on integrating multiple containers within a single project, refer to the "Customizing Templates" page.


An Interactive-Session offers users a browser-based interactive desktop environment, powered by No-VNC technology. This feature allows for real-time interaction with the DiPhyx platform, enabling users to execute commands, manipulate data, and visualize results through a graphical interface, just as they would on a local desktop.


DiPhyx supports various Notebooks, including Jupyter and Visual Studio Code, among others. These notebooks provide interactive computing environments where users can write and execute code, analyze data, and share insights. Each notebook type caters to different aspects of the scientific computing workflow, from development to data visualization, enhancing the flexibility and productivity of research activities.

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