BLAST (Basic Local Alignment Search Tool)

Advanced Open-Source CFD Tool

Introduction to BLAST

BLAST (Basic Local Alignment Search Tool) is a pivotal tool in bioinformatics, facilitating fast and accurate comparison of query sequences against extensive databases of known sequences. It is invaluable for researchers exploring sequence similarity and functional annotations.

Key Features of BLAST

  • Rapid Sequence Comparison: Efficiently aligns query sequences to database sequences.
  • Functional Annotation Insights: Helps infer functional information from sequence similarity.
  • Multiple Database Support: Allows searching against a variety of genomic databases.
  • Versatile Query Options: Supports different types of BLAST searches, including nucleotide and protein BLAST.

Applications and Services

BLAST is essential for:

  • Genomic Research: Identifying homologous sequences and understanding evolutionary relationships.
  • Protein Function Prediction: Inferring the function of unknown proteins based on similarity.
  • Sequence Alignment and Analysis: Facilitating the alignment of DNA, RNA, or protein sequences.

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