CFD file Extensions

In the complex field of computational fluid dynamics (CFD), the use of various specialized software tools is essential for performing detailed simulations of fluid flows. Each software has its own set of unique file formats that store everything from simulation setups and results to detailed mesh or grid data. Understanding these file extensions is crucial for effective data management, interoperability between different CFD tools, and ensuring the integrity of data analysis processes. Below is a curated list of file extensions used by popular CFD software such as Star CCM+, OpenFOAM, ANSYS Fluent, COMSOL Multiphysics, and Autodesk CFD, among others. This list highlights the diverse range of file types used across the CFD spectrum, providing insights into their specific applications within various simulation environments.

CFD File Extensions Overview

Star CCM+

  • .sim - Files containing simulation data.
  • .ccm - Common format for saving project data.


  • .foam - Directory file pointing to a case setup.
  • .org - Source code or configuration files.

ANSYS Fluent

  • .cas - Stores the Fluent session settings.
  • .dat - Contains the solution data from simulations.

COMSOL Multiphysics

  • .mph - Model setups and results for simulations.

Autodesk CFD

  • .cfz - Compressed file format for data transfer.
  • .f3d - Fluid dynamics data format.

PLOT3D File Formats

  • .q - Stores solution data like flow density and energy.
  • .g, .x, .xy, .xyz - Grid files containing coordinates of the solution grid.
  • .rvq - Specific format for Autodesk CFD's computational fluid dynamics and thermal simulation tools.

General CFD Formats

  • .cfd - Generic extension for CFD simulation files.
  • .dat - Data file format, may contain input or output data for CFD simulations.
  • .mesh - Mesh data used in CFD simulations.
  • .cas and .dat - Used by software like ANSYS Fluent; .cas files store case data, .dat files store associated data.
  • .msh - Mesh file format used to define the computational domain.
  • .cgns - CFD General Notation System, a standard for recording data associated with the numerical solution of fluid dynamics.
  • .vtu - ParaView VTK Unstructured Grid file, used in visualizing CFD data.
  • .foam - OpenFOAM specific format for storing case files.
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