How to Create a Compute Unit on DiPhyx Platform

This tutorial will guide you through creating a compute unit on the DiPhyx platform using our cloud dashboard. Whether you're setting up a compute unit on AWS, GCP, or another cloud service, the process remains consistent, thanks to our cloud-agnostic platform.

  • For instructions on setting up a compute unit on your local machine or in-house HPC, please visit the CLI section or dxflow.

Also, check out our YouTube video for a visual guide on how to create a compute unit on clouds.

Steps to Create a Compute Unit on DiPhyx platform:

  1. Navigate to
  2. Click on the "Compute-Unit" icon in the upper-right corner.
    Compute-Unit Icon
  3. On the Compute-Units page, you will see a table with all the stopped or running compute-units across all platforms. To create a new compute-unit, click on the "+" button.
    Create Compute-Unit
  4. A "New Compute Unit" modal will appear. The first step is to select the provider or location of the compute-unit.
    Select Provider
  5. DiPhyx is a cloud-agnostic platform, so you can choose to have your compute-unit on your local machine or in-house HPC. For more information, visit
    In this case, we will select AWS.
    Select AWS
  6. The next step is to provide a name for your compute-unit. In this example, we will use the name "Demo".
    Provide Name
  7. Depending on the selected provider, the available compute types will be presented. In this case, the available compute types for AWS are shown. You can also change the compute type by clicking on "Only AMD64".
    Select Compute Type
  8. You can modify the disk size mounted on the compute-unit. Please note that the native disk cannot be modified by the user. Click on "Create" to initiate the compute-unit creation.
    Modify Disk Size
  9. In this step, the cost of the compute-unit and its mounted disk will be presented. Press "Confirm" if the cost is within your desired range.
    Confirm Cost
  10. Depending on the provider or compute type, it may take 1-5 minutes to reserve the compute-unit.
    Reserving Compute-Unit
  11. The next step is for DiPhyx to prepare the compute-unit. This process includes installing dxflow (see, installing proxy and SSL, and more. You can monitor the progress by clicking on the event.
    Preparing Compute-Unit
  12. It will take 1-2 minutes to change the status of the compute-unit to "Ready" based on the computing power of the cluster.
    Compute-Unit Status
  13. When the status is "Ready", click on the compute-unit name.
    Compute-Unit Name
  14. On this page, you can monitor the compute-unit's performance (CPU, memory, and disk). Additionally, clicking on "+ New Project" will open a modal where you can create your project on the compute-unit.
    Compute-Unit Performance
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