Quick Start: Install dxflow SDK and create a session

This guide provides instructions on installing the dxflow SDK and getting started with it by creating a session.

Install dxflow SDK

To install the dxflow_sdk, follow the steps below:

1. Create a conda enviroment

conda create -n diphyx python=3.9

2. Run the following command to install the dxflow_sdk package:

pip install dxflow

Create a Session

The first step to use dxflow SDK is to create a session, which requires DiPhyx dashboard username (email) and password.

import dxflow

dxs = dxflow.Session(email="YOUR@EMAIL", password="YOUR_DIPHYX_PASSWORD")

namespace is diphyx by default, however, if you are using Professional or Enterperise account use your own namespace:

dxs = dxflow.Session(email="YOUR@EMAIL", password="YOUR_DIPHYX_PASSWORD", namespace="YOUR_NAMESAPCE")
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